They've done it again. Almost one year after the ridiculously catchy "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar," the cast of The Guild has released a second video.

Game On begins with Codex trying to back off of gaming a bit. "People say it's weird," she says. Zaboo, with his typical over-the-top enthusiasm, has hired an entire troupe of dancers to lure her back in.

It's a fun video with shades of Benny Lava in some of the subtitles, and the typical antics of our favorite Guildies are in full force. Vork is stoic (read what you will into the meaning behind his faux-Vishnu costume), Clara and Bladezz are ogling various dancers, Zaboo is flailing about, and Tink is strutting her stuff.

Check out the video on The Guild's site.

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