GarE Maxton's amazing Intimidator puzzle would make Scaramanga proud (video)

GarE Maxton's Indimiator puzzle would make Scaramanga proudWe have Make to thank for bringing this wonderful hunk of metal to our attention, a 40lb puzzle created by GarE Maxton and shown to the world at large about a month ago. It's called the Intimidator Puzzle Pistol and it starts out as 125 pieces hand-machined that fit together in only one way (shown disassembled after the break). Once assembled you need a special magnetic key to take it apart again and, probably, few hours. Inside is something of a special prize... something a lot cooler than anybody ever found in the bottom of a Cracker Jack box: a pistol. Well, the pieces of a pieces, anyway, a .45 caliber handgun with your choice of iron or laser sights (both included). The resulting weapon bears more than a passing resemblance to Scaramanga's piece in The Man with the Golden Gun. Unlike that model this one does not break down into a lighter and cufflinks, but we prefer puzzles to jewelry anyway. You can see it all demonstrated after the break, but sadly there is only a single such puzzle in existence at the moment: GarE's one indisputable masterpiece.