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Droid 2 looks confirmed for August 12, Best Buy pits it against the competition

Chris Ziegler

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We'd broken the news of the Droid 2's August 12 street date a couple weeks ago, and we're now getting confirmation of that -- at Best Buy, anyhow -- thanks to a couple tips we've received today, including the screen shot above. An actual launch is going to feel like sweet release after what has become the most thoroughly-leaked phone in recent memory, but if you need yet more fodder for your overactive imagination, we'd recommend you follow the break for Best Buy's competitive analysis of the phone, which does a commendable job breaking down all the differences between it and its direct predecessor -- notably the significantly speedier core, the mobile hotspot support, 802.11n, and the onboard storage (though you get a smaller microSD card in the box). Question is, where can we get that R2-D2 edition?

[Thanks, anonymous tipsters]

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