If you're prepping for a Windows Phone 7 purchase later this year and the Cetus doesn't really do it for you, we understand -- not everyone can live without a physical keyboard, and devices like the Touch Pro2 have gotten us used to the idea that Windows Mobile and great QWERTY go hand-in-hand. To that end, we present to you the LG C900, a rounded landscape slider equipped with a four-row keyboard and a simplified two-button capacitive layout beneath the screen paired with a chrome Windows key. Notably, this is the first time we've seen carrier branding on Windows Phone 7's home screen in the wild -- you can see AT&T's logo prominently displayed as a tile in one of the pictures in the gallery after the break. We're not sure we're digging the matte plasticky look up front, but to each his own, we suppose.
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Exclusive: LG C900 for AT&T has Windows Phone 7, shows off a little carrier branding

T-Mobile G2 again, this time with less Mr. Blurrycam