Prototype airport identifier skips your naughty bits, scans straight to the bone
Not sure how you feel about those airport scanners that reveal your bits and pieces to under-paid guards? We think they make air travel rather titillating, but perhaps you'll be more comfortable with a conceptual scanner that skips your fleshy bits entirely and looks only at your bones. Being developed by a team of researchers at Wright State University, such a scanner could use existing technology to detect the skeletal structure of a person. The idea is that a person's bony bits are unique and, unlike one's face, impossible to disguise (short of some serious surgery). If a database of registered criminals and suspects could be created they could be identified with such a scanner, in theory even at a distance, far more reliably than via facial scan. Right now it's just a concept, but the idea is to have a working prototype by next year. After that, nobody's clavicles will be safe.