It's pretty safe to say that in its second year Gamescom has not only established itself as the premier European gaming event, with 254,000 visitors (up 9,000), but as a global one as well. Event organizers were obviously pleased with the show's size and the growing presence of international companies.

Gamescom 2011 is already set for Cologne from August 17 - 21. Like our roundup of figures from last year, you'll find some "official" and "unofficial statisticals" from our 2010 show experience after the break.
  • 254,000 attendees. Breakdown: 18,900 trade visitors (up 1,900) and 235,100 (up 7,100) "end consumers."
  • 505 exhibitors from 33 countries (2009: 458 companies attended from 31 countries).
  • Liters of Starbuck's Tazo Passion tea consumed to stave off sickness from cold, rainy days early in the week: 4.
  • Number of liters of Kölsch consumed by us: 1.6 (2009: 6). Number of times "excess" was experienced: 0.
  • Number of tweets that couldn't be sent because our phones didn't work and there was no general wifi: 100+.
  • The amount of men we clearly saw wanting to play Dance Central but couldn't bring themselves to do it publicly: 20.
  • Amount of money spent on public transportation because Gamescom tickets didn't grant access to free public transportation this year: approximately €60. Amount saved in 2009 when it did: €48.
  • Number of German guys who dropped us change as we were writing up Joystiq posts: 3 (No, we still have no clue what that was about.)
  • Number of Weasley brothers we bumped into in a hotel lobby: 1. Amount of time we awkwardly looked at him due to cognitive dissonance: a long 5.3 seconds. (They were there for EA to promote Harry Potter.)
  • Number of times a homeless guy asked us for for cash: 0 (2009: 8). Number of times bridesmaids accosted us for cash: 0 (2009: 1). Number of times we were serenaded while having dinner by men on a bachelor pub crawl: 1 (2009: 0).
  • Schnitzels consumed: 1.
  • Attendees at GDC Europe earlier in the week: 1,500 participants, 170 speakers and 300 media representatives.
  • Number of times we swear walking down the same streets in the centuries-old city and yet end up in a completely different place: 4. It's like the city is run by David Bowie.
  • Number of times we heard the "German Halo song.": 1

This article was originally published on Joystiq.