The Room adventure game is tearing us apart, Lisa

So, here's the thing: If you're not in on the cosmic joke that is Tommy Wiseau's impossibly bad masterpiece The Room, you're probably not going to grok anything we're about to talk about. Everyone else, brace yourself: Newgrounds founder Tom Fulp released The Room Tribute earlier this morning -- an adventure game which recreates the aforementioned film scene for scene from the perspective of its nigh-unintelligible protagonist.

What could have been a quick and easy Flash game is actually a pretty lengthy experience, with collectibles (like hidden spoons tucked all throughout San Francisco) and expansions of The Room universe not present in the film, such as the haunting interior of Denny's apartment. Oh, also much like the film upon which it's based, The Room Tribute features frequent, thoroughly unerotic nudity -- so don't play it at work. But do play it at your earliest convenience. It is simply wonderful.

Unless, of course, you haven't seen the movie. You monster.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.