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Napster app available for iOS

Dave Caolo , @davidcaolo
Raise your hand if you remember gorging yourself at the feast that was Napster. After tough times and much retooling, Napster is now available for iOS devices (free) with a per-month subscription model.

Here's how it works. For US$10 per month, users can stream and cache any of the 10 million available songs to their iPod touches, iPhones or iPads. You can create on-the-go playlists, re-order songs, cache up to 100 songs at a time and browse the Billboard charts all the way back to 1955! 80's playlist, here I come!

New customers can enjoy the service for free for a limited time, and then receive 20% of should they become new customers. Have fun, music lovers.

[Via Engadget]