If most of the horrific violence that happens in the ocean takes place unseen beneath the waves, then the same goes for the massive acquisitions that happen unseen behind boardroom doors.

Yesterday, Tateru Nino posted a rumor on her blog that several Linden Lab employees were saying that Microsoft was making a bid to purchase the company: "Funny as that might seem on the face of it, a small number of Linden Lab staff are today spreading the story that Linden Lab is now entertaining offers for sale, and that Microsoft has actually presented one."

TechEye.net seconded the rumor, noting that as the Linden Lab UK office closed down this week, an employee tweeted: "A little birdie told me that Microsoft may have silently offered to buy Linden Lab this week."

Linden Lab runs the popular virtual world Second Life, which has seen its share of troubles lately. So far, Linden Lab is neither confirming nor denying the rumor.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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