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BlackBerry Style (or Oxford?) launching on Sprint October 31?

Chris Ziegler

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The so-called BlackBerry Style got kind of lost in all the recent PlayBook noise, but fear not, clamshell lovers -- it seems the phone is still very much on track. Some literature leaked this week by way of BGR suggests that it'll be called "Oxford" at retail, and that a gray version will be launching at the tail end of this month -- October 31, to be exact -- for $99.99 on contract after rebates and discounts, while a purple version will follow on soon thereafter. For what it's worth, we've been hearing from other sources recently that the name of this thing is still Style, not Oxford, but it's more than possible that they've made a last-minute branding decision internally. We prefer Style, we think... but regardless of what it's called, we'd wager the wild QWERTY clam format is going to make for some pretty polarizing water cooler chat.

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Via: PocketNow
Source: BGR
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