Here at TUAW, we love possibilities. Yeah, we all know that Apple's new OS will be named something prosaic and big cat like OS X 10.7 Lion but until Apple actually makes its announcement, the waveform doesn't collapse. Possibilities still abound.

TUAW spent this morning brainstorming alternatives to OS X Lion and puts them forth for your general consensus. Here's your opportunity to sound out with regard to OS naming. Whether there's anyone out there listening is another question; one that we will studiously avoid answering.[1]

Vote for your favorite OS X name in our handy TUAW poll -- or add your own suggestions in the comments that follow. Sound out! It's your last chance before quantum happens.

Name OS X 10.7
OS X Lion. Of course.6382 (64.7%)
OS X Lioness. Because women deserve equal time.275 (2.8%)
OS X Lion Tamer. Whips and chairs and chains, oh my.61 (0.6%)
OS X Snarly Cat. Why be speciesist when you can be descriptive?125 (1.3%)
OS X LOLcat. Because we geeks *deserve* this.1113 (11.3%)
OS X Kitty. HELLO kitty!655 (6.6%)
There's a dead cat in this box. Quick, someone call Schrödinger.744 (7.5%)
Something else. I'll tell you in the comments.509 (5.2%)

[1]TUAW is an unofficial weblog and has no association whatsoever with Apple. Your vote is for entertainment purposes only. Contact a professional to determine if public polling is right for you. In case of inadvertent product naming, discontinue polling immediately. Seek help in the event that this poll produces irritation, rashes, or irrational blog commenting syndrome.

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