Hulk Hogan's old balls are in this Def Jam Rapstar ad

An important note to the Def Jam Rapstar marketing team, regarding the ad you'll find after the break:

When a schizophrenic, liquor-soaked homeless man smashes into your conference room and shouts, "Just show Hulk Hogan rapping with his old balls fully out there and everything! Also, Jimmy Hart, Mouth of the South, have him a-movin' and a-shaking nearby! Coo-poo-pa-loo!" the proper response is to call security.

The wrong thing to do is thoughtfully stroke your chin and say, "Well, maybe if we censored the old balls?"


[Update: OK, so apparently they're not. We're not sure if we're more or less horrified. Thanks, Gary.]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.