Still clinging on to your iPod touch in the hope that Sprint will one day launch an iPhone? Well, it's rather early to make a call, but news has it that we may get the next best thing very soon. According to our buddies over at BGR, the ZTE Peel that we saw a little while back is apparently hitting Sprint on November 14th, which is merely a week from today. Sadly, no one knows yet how much this 3G router case (read: no phone functionality) will cost, but both BGR and our own sources have confirmed that it'll be available on a contract-free 1GB data plan for $29.99 per month. Meanwhile, you may consider the Apple Peel 520 that can actually turn your jailbroken iPod touch into a phone, or grab yourself an Overdrive and duct tape for some hot WiMAX Skype action.

[Thanks, Delon H.]