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Axsotic 3D mouse takes a spherical stab at an age-old problem

The quixotic quest for the perfect 3D mouse has a long and storied history, but the German-built "Axsotic" 3D-Spheric-Mouse looks like a pretty good attempt. Axsotic tracks a 40mm ball, which can be twisted, pushed, pulled, lifted, and so forth inside its patent pending, sensor-laden cage. Optical tracking watches for rotation in three axis, while magnets track zoom and pan in three axis of their own. The design gives complete camera control in a 3D app to one hand, while your other hand is free to operate a mouse or other pointing device to actually interact with the 3D object in question. Axsotic actually works driver-free on Mac and Windows, and a plugin is available for popular 3D softwares. No word yet on price or availability. Check out some action videos after the break.