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HTC phone with CDMA and WiMAX hits the FCC: the EVO Shift 4G, perhaps?

Chris Ziegler

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It's not every day that a new HTC phone with CDMA and WiMAX support swings through the FCC's labs -- so even though we don't really know what this is, we thought we'd better point it out. Odds are it'll be headed to Sprint considering the unique combination of technology, and the test report lists it as a "Smart Phone" -- Windows Phones from these guys usually say as much, so we're thinking this is probably Android. The elephant in the room would have to be the Knight / EVO Shift 4G we've been hearing about lately... and considering that there are mentions of tests in the "slide off" and "slide right" configurations, we wouldn't doubt this is it. Any crazy theories out there?

Source: FCC
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