Another relatively awesome week for DSiWare, WiiWare and, yes, even Virtual Console, as Cave Story arrives in both portable form on DSiWare and demo form on WiiWare. DSiWare also features a port of Two Tribes' Mac/iPhone puzzle game Frenzic. The Virtual Console offers the wonderful Neo Geo puzzler Magical Drop 2.
  • Airport Mania: First Flight (Lemon Games, 1-4 players, 500 Wii Points): Land planes, then repair and upgrade them while on the ground.
  • Demo: Cave Story (Nicalis, 1 player, 0 Wii Points): Try the WiiWare remake of the indie hit for yourself!
  • HB Arcade Disc Golf (HB Studios Multimedia, 1-4 players, 1,000 Wii Points): A disc golf simulation with multiple styles of disc and multiple throwing techniques.
Virtual Console
  • Magical Drop 2 (Neo Geo, 1-2 players, 900 Wii Points): Pull balloons down, then toss them back up to line up vertical rows of three or more in this arcade classic.
  • Cave Story (Nicalis, 1 player, 1,000 DSi Points): Save the Mimiga Village from the Doctor as a mysterious amnesiac with a Polar Star gun.
  • Frenzic (Two Tribes, 1 player, 200 DSi Points): Place "pie pieces" in appropriate spots to fill same-color circles.
  • Spot It! Challenge (Big John Games, 1-4 players, 200 DSi Points): Find hidden objects in ten puzzles.

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