Halo Wars stat tracking gets a reprieve from 343 Industries

Good news for Halo Wars fans -- the planned shutdown of stat tracking for the game has been canceled by 343 Industries, who have decided not to kill the game's community just yet. Originally, Microsoft planned to shut down the feature on the Halo Waypoint website on December 15, but the outcry from the community (which we found completely reasonable) means they've "decided that the current plan of action was not in line with how we have always intended to support Halo games and the Halo franchise in general."

So rest assured, Halo Wars players, your stats are safe. The community itself will still be switching from game-specific forums to the Waypoint forums, but stats will still be available on HaloWars.com for the foreseeable future. And though Title Update 5 of the game will still be installed (to fix some unrelated Theater issues) your stats won't change, so go right ahead getting your Halo RTS on.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.