Girls with guns may be a bit of a videogame stereotype at this point, but Nexon America is nonetheless offering up its own version of the archetype in its latest Dungeon Fighter Online update. The side-scrolling action MMO recently added Act VI: Kiss of the Gun to its content repertoire, the primary feature of which is the Female Gunner character class update.

Gunners feature special new awakening skills and equipment for their various subclasses including blade-equipped revolvers, electromagnetic fields, and a Gatling gun-wielding mech warrior. Act VI also offers up a new explorable area called Empyrean, which is under constant attack from a faction of vagrants known as the Kartel.

Finally, Nexon is giving away free holiday-themed items just for logging in. Gifts include double XP potions, skill resets, and in-game currency.

This article was originally published on Massively.