Opera 11 for Mac is finally available with all sorts of cool features for you to play with, like "tab stacking," mouse gesture support and extensions. Here's an initial run-down of the major features available in Opera 11 for Mac.

Tab stacking is pretty cool. I'm "one of those" people who typically has a huge number of tabs open at once. Opera reinforces my bad habit by allowing me to drag tabs on top of one another, creating a pop-up window of all the tabs in a stack. Each window displays a thumbnail of its pages' contents, and a click brings it forward.

The mouse gestures will take some getting used to. Click the right mouse button to bring up the gesture UI, a large circle featuring icons for common functions, like back, forward, stop and open in a new tab. Not having used it, I'll guess that keyboard shortcuts are faster. Of course, I keep dozens of tabs open so what do I know?

Extensions work as you'd expect, adding additional functionality to your browsing experience. There's more, of course, which you can read about here. We'll have a more detailed look at Opera 11 for Mac soon. Until then, check out the brief promo video after the break.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.