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EOps Noisezero i+ Eco earbuds get cornstarch construction, finger-friendly design (video)

Darren Murph

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Hard to say when (or if) these beauts will ever hit the market, but we've all ideas they'd move quite briskly if positioned in a nondescript kind of store that tends to sell fruit, peripherals and things heavily prefixed with "i." Designed Michael Young has teamed up with EOps to create the Noisezero i+ Eco Edition earbuds, which are constructed with cornstarch (you know, in honor of Ma Earth), equipped with an iPod / iPhone-friendly inline remote and outfitted with a unique design that purportedly makes it easier for these to be inserted into one's ear canal. We're told that they'll eventually be available in charcoal, rustic brown, midnight blue and sage green, and yes, a carrying case would be included. Too bad there's nary a hint as to where you can actually buy 'em, but the video just below the break will give you a better idea of what to hunt for.

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