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Moto Mundo world tour pushes all-electric Nissan Qashqai to its limit


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They're far from the first to put an all-electric car to an endurance test, but the team behind Moto Mundo are certainly near the head of the pack when it comes to sheer ambition. They set out from Denmark with a pair of Nissan Qashqai SUVs turned electric by AfutureEV back in June, and recently entered the US after making treks across Scandinavia, Russia, Mongolia and China. As for the vehicles themselves, they apparently have a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour and a range of 200 kilometers on a charge (at 80 kph), although they can apparently eek out 300 kilometers in "slow city driving." Making the trek even more impressive, as one Autoblog Green commenter has pointed out, is the fact that two similar cars converted by AfutureEV have apparently burst into flames and sparked some serious fires. No such problems have plagued Moto Mundo's trip, though, and they're soon set to roll into the Detroit Auto Show for an appearance.

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