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Volvo turns the C30 hatchback into an EV, loans it out for a short test drive

Tim Stevens

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In many ways, Volvo's C30 is the perfect blend of modern styling and retro sensibility with its aggressive front-end and that oversized glass hatch on the back. Now, with the EV model, it's looking better than ever. Okay, so we could do without the obligatory graphics up the side, but the wing on the back (shown below) gives it a smooth profile and, oh yeah, did we mention it's an EV? The car has been graced with a 110hp equivalent electric motor and 24kWh battery pack that's expected to deliver an average of 100 miles worth of range along with performance that, according to The Truth About Cars, matches the current petrol-powered version's. Handling too is said to still be taut despite a 260lb weight disadvantage. Volvo is pledging the car will be making an appearance as a 2012 model, though we're guessing lucky Swedish drivers will be getting a first crack at this one.

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