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Splatterhouse 'Lost Islands' DLC available now, its one fan overjoyed


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Hey there, Clyde. Yes, you, the biggest Splatterhouse fan that reads Joystiq. When we previewed the game, you were thrilled to see your favorite old title reborn. When we made fun of that screenshot, you chuckled along with us, but secretly thought it was awesome. And you, Clyde, didn't even bother to read our review -- you were already at home playing your pre-order.

So it's for you -- and no one else -- that we report that the "Lost Islands" DLC for Splatterhouse is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 160 MS Points, or on PSN for $1.99. The pack includes a survival arena to fight through wave after wave of abominations that most of us think are disgusting and crass, but which you think are freaky great. Don't say we never did anything for you, Clyde. Now go ... go and download that DLC and love this game made just for you, because that's what gaming is really all about.

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