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Via Motors E-REV hybrid trucks power your commute and the job site too (video)

Tim Stevens

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Hybrid cars have officially jumped the shark, boring drivers from coast to coast as they smugly hypermile wherever they're going. Meanwhile, those with big trucks have been relatively out of luck, having to stop frequently for gas -- and to scrape the remains of those little hybrids out of their fender wells. That's changing soon, with Via Motors taking its rebranded Chevy trucks (dig that flying V on the grille) and offering them to fleets in 2011, with sales to individuals coming two years later (you can get in line now for $1,000 down). Big companies like, apparently, PG&E will be able to roll in these so-called E-REV trucks that offer either 20 or 40 miles of electric range, augmented by an onboard generator. Yes, it's a series hybrid layout similar in theory to the Volt, with the internal combustion engine charging the batteries which, in turn, send juice to the 268hp motor. Interestingly, though, that generator can power other things as well, providing 120 or 240V to tools, lights, maybe even hot tubs if you're a super cool contractor. No word on anticipated vehicle cost nor efficiency, but we're not expecting miracles on either front.

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