"Oregon Scientific" and "home weather station" kind of go hand in hand, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the company's unleashing a new three-pack of colorful weather units here at CES this week. Starting on the left, the $24.99 model displays indoor temperature along with up to three channels of outdoor temps; it also includes a clock and calendar with alarm, which makes it a serviceable bedside clock if you're really into the weather. Moving upmarket a tad, the $39.99 Touch Weather Thermometer with Humidity (pictured center) is exactly that: the aforementioned temperature features plus a daily min / max display and both indoor and outdoor humidity stats. Finally, the $49.99 Touch Advanced Weather Station (right) adds a 12-hour weather forecast along with 24 hours' worth of historical barometric data. All are powered by a pair of AA batteries and have touchscreen control -- hence the names, we imagine.

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