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Canon PIXMA MX882 hands-on: an all-in-one with superpowers

Jacob Schulman

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Printers don't often get us hot and bothered, but Canon's PIXMA MX882 certainly has us intrigued. The main draw is that Dual Function panel up front, which combines a 3-inch LCD with a unique set of hard keys that have dynamic displays below that change depending on what function you're trying to access. For example, when you go to send a fax, they turn into a keypad, and change to other related buttons if you want to copy or scan. On top of that, it's got support for the iOS and Android Canon photo printing apps, as well as built-in WiFi and Ethernet. To further sweeten the deal, it's got duplex scanning and printing capabilities, along with five individual color print cartridges so if you run of out of one color, you don't need to replace the whole thing. Oh, did we mention it costs less than $200? Yeah, we told you it was good.

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