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Report: PSP2 features OLED screen, will offer 3G data

Andrew Yoon , @scxzor
We're expecting Sony to officially announce and detail the successor to the PSP later this week. In the meantime, Japanese newspaper Nikkei is alleging a few early details. Firstly, the portable will supposedly feature an OLED screen. Secondly (and more importantly!), the system will support 3G data, enabling over-the-air multiplayer and video and game downloads. In Japan, the service will be offered by NTT DoCoMo. And although the PSP2 will connect to cellular service, it won't make phone calls -- that's left for the PSP Phone to handle.

The report doesn't detail possible charges for the 3G service and doesn't state whether there will be an option for a Wi-Fi only version. We'll be grilling Sony for all the details later this week.