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Reuters staffer spots iPad 2 at The Daily launch event


Imagine, if you will, a high-profile introduction for a major new media product on the iPad; major enough to merit attendance and brief remarks from Apple's Eddy Cue. Let's posit for a moment that the room is filled with professional journalists who make it their business to notice small details that might lead to interesting stories.

Consider as well the possibility that some of the Apple team members in attendance might be carrying some product models that are ... unacknowledged, shall we say?

Yes, the front runners for the 2011 Phone In A Bar Accidental Scoop Awards are the new team of Apple and Reuters. The party of the first part seems to have brought along an iPad with front-facing camera to today's launch event for The Daily, and a Reuters reporter saw the device in the wild.

Reuters says "a source with knowledge of the device" confirmed that this was not a trick of the light, and that the real chips-and-salsa iPad 2s will indeed sport the camera along with other yet-to-be-confirmed features.

Nice job, anonymous Reuters reporter. Good luck on the job market, Apple intern who was supposed to bring the gaffer's tape and cover the iPad cameras.

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