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Verizon refreshes FiOS app, launches free iPhone program


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Verizon updated its FiOS DVR manager for the iPhone, an application that lets you use your handset as a remote control for your FiOS television service and its DVR. In a fun feature, FiOS users with a penchant for taking photos with their iPhone can also easily flick their photos and watch them on their TV. The latest update was rolled out today and added support for multiple DVRs, a landscape view for the Guide and the ability to change the name of your set-top boxes.

To celebrate the launch of the iPhone, Verizon is offering a sweet discount for those who purchase a triple or quad play bundle that includes FiOS TV, High-speed internet service, home phone service or Verizon Wireless calling. The discount provides new customers with a $200 rewards card that can be applied towards the purchase of a Verizon iPhone 4 as well as a monthly discount on FiOS service that can total as much as $20 per month. Verizon also debuted a new ad that showcases the benefits of combining FiOS TV with the advanced capabilities of the iPhone. Check out the ad after the break.

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