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Kindle for iOS updated, adds page numbers and progress meters


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The Kindle app for iOS (my personal reading app of choice) got a nice update yesterday that brings "real" page numbers into the app. Now, as you read along in some e-books, you'll get to see where you'd be in the printed version, so if you're reading Kindle books along with a class or book club, you can find the same pages you're all reading together. The update also adds information on the homescreen that shows your progress through the books on your iPhone, and you can now look up words using Google or Wikipedia directly within the app itself. Pretty groovy -- like I said, this is my reading app of choice on the iPhone, and the update only makes it better.

Some of these features were already seen in the Kindle for Mac app available on the App Store. But we'll probably see another Kindle update coming soon anyway, as of course, the app has to comply with the new restrictions on subscriptions, including offering the same in-app deals that are offered outside of the app, per Apple's new subscription rules. That shouldn't be too hard to do -- if indeed Amazon wants to do it. We'll have to wait and see on that one.

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