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Toshiba's nameless Honeycomb tablet flaunts its removable battery

Joanna Stern

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We've seen a lot of identically spec'd Honeycomb tablets in the past few weeks, and Toshiba's forthcoming Android 3.0 tablet has a lot of the same -- a 10.1-inch display, NVIDIA Tegra 2, and dual cameras -- except it boasts something the others don't... a removable battery. We don't know exactly why other tablet manufacturers, like Motorola, Samsung, and LG, aren't opting to include swappable cells, but Toshiba's tablet, which is still supposed to drop in April, will allow you to pull out that 2030mAH battery when it's drained and replace it with an extra if you so choose to buy one. Obviously, we're hoping the battery lasts long enough on a charge that you won't have to resort to that, but there's something to be said for knowing you've got back up. Need some visual proof of this one? Hit the break to witness the quick pull and don't mind the messy innards -- Toshiba assures us this is still a very early sample.

Note: We're assuming the actual capacity of the battery may change since we just pulled those 2030mAH / 23Wh numbers off the sample we saw.

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