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Game Gripper going Bluetooth, just needs a little funding (video)

Tim Stevens

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The Game Gripper is one of the smartest accessories we've seen in a long time, a cheap and squishy little controller that clips on over your phone's keyboard and enables proper gaming glory. But what if your phone doesn't have a keyboard? The iControlpad is finally shipping, but soon there'll be another option: a Bluetooth Game Gripper approaches. It acts just like a Bluetooth keyboard so should offer easy compatibility and, with its spring-loaded clamp, should hang on to just about any slab you stick in there. The only problem? You can't buy one yet. The device is going the Kickstarter route and is looking for a whopping $30,000 in funding before things get going. But, it is at least only a $47 pledge to get yourself one of the first Bluetooth Game Grippers that roll off the presses -- or stamps or molds or whatever it is these things roll from.

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