HTC may have unleashed a completely unique Android tablet with an active digitizer and stylus yesterday, but more are on the way. At least that's the word from N-Trig, the company responsible for the screen and pen technology in HTC's Flyer as well as other convertible tablet PCs. According to the company's VP of Business Development Lenny Englehardt, 7-, 9.7-, and 10-inch pen-equipped Android slates are coming in the next year from major manufacturers (sadly, he couldn't share which ones). We went over a bit of the hardware technology yesterday and dug a bit into HTC's pen-optimized Scribe software, but the big question on our mind has been third party Android applications that take advantage of the stylus. Well, it turns out there are quite a few of them in the works from the likes of Adobe and others. And yes, one of them includes handwriting conversion! We got a look at three of those forthcoming apps on N-Trig's Tegra 2 development kit, which has the same screen / pen hardware as the Flyer -- hit the break for our impressions and a video demo.
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Android pen-based apps

We don't have any real details on when the Vision Objects or Adobe apps will be hitting the Market, but you'll want to hit the play button below to get an even better look at all three of these.

Just5 CP11 hands-on