"It is a good day to hunt."

So say the Norn in Guild Wars -- they're cheerful and eager to meet challenges, and today's Norn week kickoff tells us that it's a typical attitude that will carry on in Guild Wars 2. They've been through various challenges including being driven from their homeland, but the Norn truly "project a positive attitude," according to lore and continuity designer Jeff Grubb.

This new blog entry offers a brief introduction to the Wayfarer Foothills area of Guild Wars 2 and gives a deeper look into the culture of the Norn. Players familiar with Eye of the North will recognize traits of the current race of Norn, while those unfamiliar with the game as it is now will enjoy a thorough introduction to how the race thinks and feels.

Check out the new information at ArenaNet's blog, and keep your eyes open for our review and analysis of Norn week in next Monday's Flameseeker Chronicles.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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