If you're looking for a good note-taking app for your iPhone (especially if you're fed up with the built-in app's syncing non-functionality), check out this comparison of four of them from Dr. Drang. Simplenote, Elements, PlainText and Nebulous Notes are all compared for cost, syncing, TextExpander support, fonts, searching, sorting, full-screen mode, word count and more. The apps vary in price from US$1.99 (Nebulous Notes) to Simplenote's $20/year subscription, via PlainText and Nebulous Notes Elements, both at $4.99.

Dr. Drang's favorite is Elements; he says, "W hile I'm still not happy with its use of byte-order marks and CRLF line endings, overall it fits my way of working better than the others."

Do you have a favorite note-taking app? Do you prefer scribbling them by hand, then photographing them with Evernote? Let us know in comments below.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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