"Nimble." "Dynamic." "Satisfied." "Revolution." These are just a few choice words that Trion Worlds CEO Lars Buttler has to say about his company's flagship game on the eve of RIFT's official launch.

Speaking with Gamasutra
, Buttler walks a fine line between expressing confidence in and overselling RIFT's qualities. "This is the most social game in the history of gaming," he declared, pointing out how the game interacts with Twitter and open grouping to pull a myriad of players together.

What's the formula for a successful MMO in Buttler's opinion? "We took the time to try to get it right. We built the right technology first, we built an entire new platform architecture first, we then recruited the best team on the planet, and then we took a lot of time to build a complete and polished game, and then also focused very very strongly on slightly improving the things that are already great in MMORPGs, and introducing a lot of things that we and many gamers think are missing."

Buttler also hopes that RIFT will be one of a coming wave of MMOs that will usher in a more widespread acceptance of the genre as an entertainment staple, not just a fringe activity. He predicts that the revolution that happened with casual gaming will now spread to core games and break down barriers.

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