iOS 4.3 is getting itself a pretty snazzy launch vehicle in Apple's brand new iPad 2. The thinner, lighter, faster Apple tablet now comes in a choice of black or white, has cameras on front and back, and we understand its cake-cutting abilities are unrivaled. Now that you've had a good few hours to digest the news, consume the subsequent comparisons against the original iPad and the rest of the tech world's tablet offerings, we want to know what you think. Will the iPad 2 pry open your purse, is the oldie still a goodie, or will you wait for the bigger and better things coming down the road? Answers below, please!
iPad 2: are you buying one?
Yup, and I'm upgrading from the original.21235 (12.8%)
Yes sir, March 11th is when I'll be buying my first tablet.31311 (18.8%)
Won't be sure until I've played with it.21426 (12.9%)
No thanks, I've got my heart set on a Xoom, Tab, PlayBook, etc.33446 (20.1%)
Nope. Just not interested in tablets.24795 (14.9%)
I heard the iPad 3 will be awesome, gonna wait on that.34268 (20.6%)

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