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Soldner-X dev announces PSN strategy RPG 'Rainbow Moon'


Known for developing the tongue-twistingly titled shooter Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer, SideQuest Studios is hard at work on its next IP for release on PlayStation Network. Rainbow Moon is an isometric view strategy RPG in a fantasy setting, currently scheduled to hit in Q4 2011 according to publisher eastasiasoft.

Early imagery shows a vibrant hand-drawn visual style, and the game's developer is shooting (no pun intended) for a silky smooth 60 frames per second. Details released so far mention six playable characters and a roughly 25 hour adventure. Our favorite feature so far: we can actually pronounce its name.

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Rainbow Moon – a strategic RPG with a strong emphasis on character development – in development for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system

Hong Kong - March 11, 2011 – eastasiasoft, Hong Kong-based publisher of interactive entertainment and developer SideQuest Studios, today announced their latest project Rainbow Moon, a strategic RPG game, currently in development for the PlayStation®3 system.

"Following our recent success, we are very excited to introduce a brand new IP," said Marcus Pukropski, CEO of SideQuest Studios. "With Rainbow Moon, we are continuing our principle of combining beautiful high-definition visuals with a deep focus on detail and gameplay. We are once again putting our heart and soul into this project to deliver another fantastic and unique addition to the PlayStation®Network."

Rainbow Moon key features (subject to change until the date of the game's release):
  • Complex story mode with about 25 hours of gameplay, extended to more than 100 hours when including all side quests, missions and full character development.
  • Isometric open world to explore with more than 15 different terrains, such as mountains, snow, desert, grassland, savanna, mud and others.
  • Sophisticated grid turn-based combat system, featuring a large range of combat and skill commands as well as special attacks and effects.
  • Unique action and puzzle elements in a variety of over 20 challenging dungeons and 50 quests.
  • Six playable main characters with upgradable weapons, armors and accessories, allowing hundreds of gear combinations.
  • Detailed online stats tracking each gamer's progress.
  • Technically perfected game engine, constantly running smoothly at 60 fps with close to no loading times.
  • Thirty dedicated background music tracks.
Rainbow Moon is anticipated to launch in the fourth quarter of 2011. More details will soon be released.

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