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Artega SE electric sports car lines up to challenge Tesla Roadster


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The Tesla Roadster may not have many competitors that you can actually buy at the moment, but it looks like it can count on a bit of a challenge from German automaker Artega. It debuted its new Artega SE (short for Sport Electric) at the Geneva Motor Show recently, and it says it plans to produce 500 of them a year starting in 2012 at a cost of €150,000 apiece, or just over $200,000. In addition to some good looks, that will buy you a pair of rear-mounted electric motors that combine for 375 horsepower and a top speed "well over" 155MPH, along with a 37 kW lithium polymer battery that promises to let you "comfortably achieve" 124 miles under normal driving conditions. Of particular note, Artega says that the battery can be fully recharged in just 90 minutes using a commercial charging station, although it can of course also be charged at a slower rate at home. Still no word on availability outside of Europe, although if you're dropping two hundred grand on a car we're guessing the import costs won't pose too much of a problem.

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