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Chinon's Avi Stylix iPod / iPhone docking station packs 7-inch LCD, streams Netflix*

Darren Murph

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It doesn't scream quality (or maybe the legion of professional stock photographers were all on vacation last week), but the June-bound Avi Stylix does have something that the vast majority of me-too iPod / iPhone docking stations do not: an embedded 7-inch LCD. The usual suspects are also here, including a Dock Connector port, twin two-watt speakers, USB port, SD card slot and a bundled remote. The kicker is its ability to stream Netflix, but there's an obvious catch; you'll need an iPhone or iPod touch with a live internet connection in order to do so. There's no actual WiFi module built into the main unit, so you'll need to rely on your connected device to pull in the content. Still, for $99.99, it might not be a bad bet for your guest room. Or your office desk, since you know you aren't getting any actual work done.

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Chinon Stylix™ iPod/iPhone Docking Station Plays iTunes Audio and Video Files

LAKE ZURICH, IL, March 21, 2011 -- Chinon USA has merged fashion, entertainment and the latest audio-video technology in its new AVi Sytlix™ docking station for Apple iPhone and iPod.

Available in an array of colors to match your unique sense of style, the AVi Stylix is the ultimate Apple accessory. It features a 7-inch high-resolution LCD that delivers brilliant, high-resolution playback of videos stored on an iPod or iPhone. In addition, when docked to an iPhone or iPod Touch connected by Wi-Fi, the Avi Stylix will stream web videos from popular sites such as YouTube® or Netflix®. Because the screen is nearly three times the size of the iPhone's LCD, it greatly enhances the user experience and makes it easier to share the fun with friends.

The AVi Stylix sound system provides a rich, multi-dimensional audio, whether it is playing music from an iTunes® library or a dynamic movie soundtrack. Dual 2W stereo speakers output a generous range that will fill any size room. Best of all, this incredible sound comes within a small, portable package that is perfect for bedrooms, offices, dorm rooms, and any other limited space areas.

In addition to playing audio and video from an iPod or iPhone, the AVi Stylix has inputs for USB and SD cards to view movies, photos and videos, or to listen to music that is stored on either a card or thumb drive. SD cards can be directly removed from a digital camera and inserted into the AVi Stylix turning the unit into a high-end digital photo frame.

Operation could not be simpler. Just place an iPod or iPhone into the universal dock adapter, select an operation mode, and you're ready to rock - no additional cords or accessories required. An intuitive remote control provides control of an iPod or iPhone from across the room. Other features on the Stylix are a digital radio and an alarm clock.

The Chinon AVi Stylix will be available in June 2011 with an MSRP of $99.99. Chinon products are sold by several online retailers including and

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