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iPad 2 gets wireless 1080p mirroring, fattens up in the process (video)

Jacob Schulman

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One might say that AirPlay is pretty nifty for shooting content from your iOS device to your TV, but it only works with a handful of apps, and worse still, maxes out at a paltry 720p. Apple offers an HDMI cable for the iPad that allows full 1080p mirroring, but let's face it: being wired is so 2009. One adventurous MacRumors Forums member was able to MacGyver a completely wire-free, completely HD solution using a wireless HDMI transmitter, USB battery pack, and a home-made enclosure that "only adds about two pounds of weight" to the otherwise portable device. Seems easy enough to put together on your own, but here's to hoping there's a Jailbreak solution soon enough that makes the same magic happen without the extra heft (and coin) in the first place.

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