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Imageepoch working on a ton of games


Last year, upon the foundation of its "JRPG" label, developer Imageepoch announced eight projects, including the PSP RPG Final Promise Story, a Black Rock Shooter game, two Chevalier Saga Tactics games and four other works mentioned only in teaser form.

Speaking at a pre-launch event for Final Promise Story (which comes out on April 28), CEO Ryoei Mikage upped the number of total projects in development at Imageepoch to eleven-ish: Final Promise Story and roughly 10 more.

New details about Final Promise Story were revealed at the event as well. Mikage wants the game to be as hard as '80s-era RPGs, such that it will be difficult to complete the game on Normal with all the characters surviving. FPS features two types of death: the normal variety, in which a character can no longer fight and must be revived, and the state of being "Lost," which takes the character out of the game permanently.

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