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Protean Electric in-wheel motors have the stuff to make an F-150 turn green


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An energy efficient Ford F-150 certainly sounds like an oxymoron, but the folks at Protean Electric have proven that even this gas guzzler can go green. So how'd they do it? Well, with in-wheel motors of course. This isn't the first time we've seen this technology put to use, but if things go according to plan, Protean's version of the in-wheel motor could be road ready as soon as next year. The things weigh 68 pounds (31 kilograms) a piece and offer 110 horsepower per wheel. When pared with this F-150 -- rocking a custom battery -- they offered up 100 mile-per-hour speeds and a range of 100 miles. That might not be enough to take you across the great state of Texas, but it's certainly sufficient for tooting around the ranch. Head on over to the source link for more on Protean's in-wheel technology.

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