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Amarok's P1 electric motorcycle prototype is fast, light, and ready to race

Brian Heater

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What's fast, electric, and made in Canada? No, not the latest Rush record, it's the P1, a new electric motorcycle prototype from Quebec-based Amarok Consultants. The company -- named after the Inuit word for wolf -- unveiled the bike this week, announcing plans to enter it in this year's TTXGP, an international racing series for electric vehicles. The 75 horsepower two-wheeler was designed with a laser-focus on lightweight construction, squeezing a 7.5-kilowatt-hour battery and two Agni 95 electric motors into a bantam 325 pound body -- making for one of the lightest electric racing motorcycles around. The company's not stopping there, however, shooting for 275 pounds for the second generation of the bike, putting it more on-par with gas-powered counterparts.

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