The next major update to Runes of Magic is just around the corner, but despite the subtitle of Lands of Despair, there might be reason to feel a variety of emotions other than despair. After all, the update brings with it a number of new areas, two of which are previewed in a new video posted on the official feed. The Redhill Mountains and the Kingdom of Kalo are up for display, both giving a peek at areas that should feature prominently in the near future.

Dwarves are the inhabitants of the Redhill Mountains, and... well, if you're familiar with dwarves, you probably have a good idea of what to expect. The Kingdom of Kalo, on the other hand, comes off as a bit more novel, with its anthropomorphic rhinoceroses and its steampunk gears around alabaster buildings. Runes of Magic players should take a look at the new video to get a sneak peek of both new zones.

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