AppleInsider is reporting that Apple will begin its annual back-to-school promotions next week. The promotions typically run from late May/early June to the first week in September. Shoppers can probably expect a free or discounted iPod touch when a Mac is purchased, as that is usually what Apple has offered in years past.

AppleInsider didn't list a specific date for this year's launch, but past year's back-to-school promotions have launched as early as May 25, and as late as June 5. The promotions usually wrap in early September -- or about a week before Apple launches new iPods. When Apple does announce the dates of this year's back-to-school promotions, you can bet that not only will the new iPod touches not ship before the end of the promotion, but probably the next iPhone and launch of iOS 5 will not occur before then as well. Apple is rumored to be consolidating its iPhone and iPod touch launch events.

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