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AMD quad-core A8-3530MX processor for laptops to debut in June?


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Turkish website Donanimhaber has correctly pegged some early NVIDIA details in the past, and it's now back with a leak of a new AMD Fusion chip that's said to be a part of the company's upcoming "Sabine" platform. Dubbed the A8-3530MX, the 32nm, quad-core processor purportedly clocks in at 1.9GHz and boasts 4MB of Level 2 cache, and it can apparently be boosted to 2.6GHz in TurboCore mode. Otherwise, it's said to pack an integrated Radeon HD 6620G graphics core, along support for both 1,600MHz DDR3 RAM and low-power DDR3L memory. Of course, all of that it still unconfirmed by AMD itself but, if Donanimhaber is to be believed, we should be seeing this one hit laptops sometime June.

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