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Dirt 3 to feature $10 Online Pass for used purchases

Codemasters has added its name to the list of publishers who are attempting to keep their games out of the pre-owned bin by equipping them with one-time-use tickets to the internet. According to Eurogamer, new copies of Dirt 3 -- which arrives on store shelves tomorrow -- include a "VIP Pass," which unlocks five exclusive automobiles and enables the game's online multiplayer modes. Folks who purchase a used copy of the game with a code that's already been redeemed will have to buy the code on Xbox Live or PSN for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

The Online Pass scheme usually evokes some mixed reactions from the gaming community, but we always get stuck imagining even worse scenarios. Imagine this: What if all of the game's cars only had three wheels? Oh, what -- you want that fourth wheel? No problem, just put in that VIP Pass. Oh, you don't have one? Well, we hope you don't like winning races, Sparky.