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President Obama gets an iPad 2 filled with Polish pride


President Obama is on a European tour, and one of his stops included Poland. Before parting, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk gave President Obama several gifts, a usual custom for visiting dignitaries. One of those gifts was an iPad 2. President Obama already has an iPad 2, but TUAW reader Darek points out this iPad 2 was just a "container" for other Polish goodies, including some masterful Polish movies.

"One of them was 'Cathedral' by Tomasz Bagiński, which got Oscar nomination several years ago," Darek says. "There was also a masterpiece 'City of Ruins' -- a digitally recreated aerial panorama of post-war Warsaw, almost totally destroyed during WWII."

Darek also told us President Obama received another gift, the hot video game "The Witcher 2," which is made in Poland.