Don't be surprised if you get handed an iPad on your next British Airways flight. According to Skyclub Magazine, the airline is trying out the iDevices with First Class and Business Class passengers as a substitute for the DVD players that have been previously offered.

The trials are currently running on Boeing 777 aircraft. The iPads are handed over with a selection of movies, magazines, newspapers, music and games installed. "We are currently exploring [the] possibility of introducing iPads to enhance customer experience," BA spokesman Tobias Klitsch confirmed to Australian Business Traveller, although he noted that the airline is "still working through the detail."

Jetstar is also moving to iPads, and Finnair has been letting Hong Kong-to-Helsinki passengers use them as well. It's not just passengers who will be enjoying Apple's popular device, as iPads have appeared in some cockpits as substitutes for paper charts.

If you get an iPad on an upcoming flight, let us know how it works and what sort of content you're offered.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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